How to Choose the Right Studio Management Software

These days there are many software options to choose from and the majority are actually not that great. They are over complicated and just take too long to learn how to use and then even when you know how to use them they are slow to operate which was the reason we went out and built our own.

We believe that software should be easy to use. Either you will be signing students into the software or your customers will be doing it themselves either way you want to be able to make that process is as simple and quick ...

The Small things in Software

Sometimes there are very miner things we add in the studio management software that aren’t always listed as features but they just make the software just that little more special. Here are some of the features that we are particularly proud of.

Tags: Add tags to students and view them in your class signups. A great way to distinguish students
Tags can be added to students by clicking on their name once they are signed into a class or you can add them via “Student Management” from the administration menu. To view the tags click “Show tags” on any ...

Marketing Your Studio Part 1 - Email

One of the biggest areas we have focussed on is helping you automate as much of your marketing as possible. We feel that moving forward this is the area that we can make the most difference in helping you grow your business and as the software expands your marketing options are only going to grow.

We have started by focussing on email marketing, allowing the software to manage as much of it as possible and giving you several options to target your email list which allows you to control who the emails are sent to.

Building Your Database
Firstly we ...