How to Choose the Right Studio Management Software

30th July 2018
These days there are many software options to choose from and the majority are actually not that great. They are over complicated and just take too long to learn how to use and then even when you know how to use them they are slow to operate which was the reason we went out and built our own.

We believe that software should be easy to use. Either you will be signing students into the software or your customers will be doing it themselves either way you want to be able to make that process is as simple and quick as possible. We have tried to simplify every transaction to make the whole software incredibly quick and easy to use.

Lets take adding a class to the software. You can add the class on a single form. If you need additional options as long as you are signed in as an admin you can add them right there in the form itself. So not only is it quick you don’t need to look around the entire backend to work out how to to setup a basic class.

Even making a payment from the admin is quick and simple, after clicking “pay" you select the payment package (Add one if its not there) select the payment type and click pay it really couldn’t be simpler.

The entire software has been built in this way to make it so intuitive to use without compromising the options.

There are many ways to run a studio. Either you charge individually for your classes, offer packages or you have subscriptions even the way that payments are applied to classes can be different from one business to another. In some instances I have even seen studios compromise on the way they charge for classes just so it fits with the software they are using. Our unique system not only allows you to charge per class you can also charge per hour which allows you to manage packages for class of different lengths. Our software fits around the way you charge for classes and not the other way round.

Most of the software options will give you a similar outcome they can manage your classes, manage payments and packages, control subscriptions and provide you reports but in our eyes there is only one that can do all of this with a simple and easy interface which is incredibly fast to use!