Marketing Your Studio Part 1 - Email

12th September 2018
One of the biggest areas we have focussed on is helping you automate as much of your marketing as possible. We feel that moving forward this is the area that we can make the most difference in helping you grow your business and as the software expands your marketing options are only going to grow.

We have started by focussing on email marketing, allowing the software to manage as much of it as possible and giving you several options to target your email list which allows you to control who the emails are sent to.

Building Your Database

Firstly we insist on double optin (This is where students will receive an email and then have to click on a link to activate their account). The reason for this is twofold the first is making sure that your customers want emails to be sent to them and secondly to make sure that the email that they have given is correct. Sending emails to anyone who doesn't want to receive them is not good practice, at best they will not read them and at worst they will mark them as spam which affects your email sending reputation, which in turn will affect your future delivery rates.

Maintaining Your Database

Maintaining your database is simply a case of sending emails regularly. This will ensure email addresses are current and your customers don't forget that they have subscribed to your mailing list. If you don't email your database for long periods of time you will find that many emails are no longer valid. Often people will subscribe with their work emails and then change jobs. Another common problem is that the customers forget that they subscribed to your database and then mark your email as spam which then goes back to the issue of your email reputation due to sending to inactive emails.

If you send emails too regularly you will lose subscribers too. How often is too often? It really depends on your content but if you're trying to sell me your services sending me an email every single day is just going to make me get fed up of you very quickly. If you send daily content then that content had better be worth it. I would suggest sending anywhere from 1 to 4 emails a month, but make sure that the content is worthwhile and most importantly it's relevant to me.

Every time you send an email the software will manage any emails that bounce or that are marked as spam and then won't send to these addresses. If this happens students will get a notice that their email is not receiving emails when they login to the software. This will alert them to update their email address.

Another issue that will arise unless your have a very focussed clientele is that if you send irrelevant content to customers they are likely to unsubscribe from future emails. For example if your studio runs dance and fitness classes and your always sending fitness emails to the dancers they are going to get fed up sooner or later. So unless the content of the emails apply to every one then target the emails to the relevant customer. The software will allow you to target your customers depending on the classes that they have taken, when they last attended a class, where they live or even if they have kids taking classes.

This also applies to sending out emails to your database on behalf of third parties. Unless you know that the information is very beneficial to your client base and they want to receive it don't do it. If you need to send other content then Include the info on the bottom of an email where the content is what your customer has signed up for. You don't want to encourage your subscribers to unsubscribe.