The Small things in Software

25th August 2018
Sometimes there are very miner things we add in the studio management software that aren’t always listed as features but they just make the software just that little more special. Here are some of the features that we are particularly proud of.

  1. Tags: Add tags to students and view them in your class signups. A great way to distinguish students
    Tags can be added to students by clicking on their name once they are signed into a class or you can add them via “Student Management” from the administration menu. To view the tags click “Show tags” on any of the class signup pages.

  2. Email: Email a student directly from their account or email all students listed in a class.
    Click on the email button on any class signup page and you can send an email directly to a student. If you are trying to email a child it will be sent to their parents email address. If you want to send to all students that are attending the class then click the “Email All” button. You can view all emails sent from the software in the “Student Management” section under the administration menu.

  3. Receipts: Print directly to a receipt printer without additional print dialogs.
    Setup receipts from the administration menu. You will need to install Print Node onto your computer so that the software can communicate to your printer. If you have a cash drawer linked to the printer the software will open the drawer on printing. You can set this to auto print on every transaction or optionally print when you make a transaction.

  4. Slack: Receive Slack notifications when a student makes a payment or subscribes.
    Slack is a communication app and is a great way to keep communication in one place with employees. You can link the software to your slack account and get notified when certain actions happen. You will need to activate the notifications you want from the “Email Templates” option on the administration menu.

  5. Live Chat: Link Live Chat to the software so your customers can chat with you.
    You will need to purchase an account with Live Chat to use this feature.
    Live chat is software that allows customers to communicate with you through your website. By adding the key that Live Chat give you into the software then your customers will be able to chat to you while booking classes.

  6. Class Links: Generate a link to show only one class or go directly to a day of classes.
    You can use these links when you promote classes outside of the software so that students can go directly to that class and not have to search for it. On the class pages you will see a chainlink next to the date, clicking on this will give you the link for that days classes. To get the link for only one class click on the pen icon at the left of a class and select “Show Student Class Link”.

  7. Substitute an instructor or change the studio directly from the class signup page.
    Double click on an instructor or studio name to substitute it for just that class. When you substitute an instructor your will need to select their pay scale so you can manage staff payroll.

  8. Mark a student as absent and include a reason.
    Click on the absent checkbox once a student is booked into a class. You will be given the option to add a reason and whether that class should be charged. Great when you are running kids classes and you need to account for all kids in a class.